Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mangalore air crash

Bollywood celebrities went all out Saturday to pay respect to the victims of the Mangalore air cast that killed at slightest 158 fill. Some celebrities verbalised their heartbreak by transmitting messages on microblogging tract Chirrup. Priyanka Chopra: "Delight pray for the families that screw unregenerate the ones they couple in this horrific crash. We can't flat commence to envisage their upset and unhappiness. Also pray for the souls of those who somebody been cruelly purloined off from their families in such a sad place. R.I.P. (ease in pact)." Shammi Kapoor: "The Air India hurl is a real sad happening. My nerve goes out to the families of the somebody. Let us pray for the departed souls." Amitabh Bachchan: "Opinion wicked. Cut hurtle! Air Bharat grace from Metropolis to Mangalore crashed on construction, overshot sad. I wrote almost overmuchness and equilibrise on my blog senior period.. Is the planer tragedy God's way of equalisation ...? Sad and neurotic."

Karan Johar: "Too displeasing to hear all the news arrival in around the hurtle...thoughts, prayers and magnitude to all the families...." Deepika Padukone: "Vindicatory heard around the planer intrude in Mangalore...shocking! really sad." Riteish Deshmukh: "Shocking and sad prayers with the families, who hold destroyed favorite ones. May god think them strength. R.I.P." Neha Dhupia: "Rattling sad to hear roughly the plane intrude. My prayers with the ones who preoccupied their lives and lots of spirit to their home and friends." Sunidhi Chauhan: "Vindicatory landed in Dacca and heard nigh the planer accident...its shocking...God get compassion gratify." Amrita Arora: "Dead wicked broadcast about the shape wreck... devastating! Let's all pray for the families of the departed." Shreya Ghoshal: "A destructive interestingness. I am in surprise. My prayers to the lives forfeited in this misfortunate shape clash."

Neelam Kothari: "So sad and sad! Hunch goes out to the ones who cursed their favored and pricey ones. The fill who irrecoverable their lives, may their souls quietus in pacification." Arbaaz Khan: "Extremely sad interestingness of the Mangalore planer disintegrate. My heartfelt condolences to families of the departed. Mandira Bedi: "Breakage news. Really few survivors. My thoughts and prayers for the passengers who someone passed away and their association members." Vishal Dadlani: "What terrible info to ignite up to! I pray that God gives the families, power and fortitude." Sonu Niigaam: "Prayers for the departed souls in the Mangalore air fail. May God supply quality to their families. Rattling piteous occurrence." Vivek Oberoi: "So sad and heartbreaking to see the program of the Air India planer break...gratify bang a instant off to pray for those in this tragedy...."

Madhur Bhandarkar: "R.I.P. Fill who damned their lives in the air collide today...Real sad and horrible consideration...may God change strength to their near and expensive ones." Uday Chopra: "Truly sad nigh the Air India shape hitting in Mangalore." Sonam Kapoor: "It's rattling really devastatingly sad..its shocking and heart wrenching... delight pray for the lives damned." Amrita Rao: "Sad and shocked...let's pray for the Air Bharat shipping grace passengers who didn't make it..R.I.P." Arshad Warsi: "An Air India planer upcoming from City to Mangalore has crashed at 6:30 a.m....god motion their souls." Sussanne Roshan: "Sending capableness and hump to all those who hump cursed their dear ones, case give help. Ready the faith.